About Us

Based out of Houston, Texas, Space Crystals LLC was created in 2021 by Kevin Heath, an aerospace professional committed to discovering innovative methods to pave the pathway for humans to access outer space. With the initiation of commercial flights to the International Space Station and to the moon – Space Crystals LLC makes its debut to the world. 

Space Crystals LLC is the only organization with access to the resources, the science, and who possesses the passion necessary to transport human DNA into outer space, where it will grow into two completely unique, one-of-a-kind, raw, amethyst crystals – one of which will live for all eternity on the moon, the other for you to keep, wear, and cherish.

Due to the exclusive, confidential, and scientific nature of the Space Crystals LLC method, a space flight agreement with each client is required in order to receive detailed information regarding the process. Space Crystals LLC is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information, it will never be shared, sold, or re-distributed. 


Kevin working in NASA’s ThermalVac laboratory at Johnson Space Center

Kevin with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and world famous pilot Dick Rutan

Kevin Heath, Founder of Space Crystals LLC 

Mr. Heath has dedicated the past twenty years to technology and aerospace, leading management and business development teams for startups, mid-size, and Fortune-500 companies. His extensive resume includes experience in Commercial Human Spaceflight solutions – launch vehicles, spacecraft, and satellites. He had the unique experience of being a part of the SpaceShipOne program, which made the very first commercial Astronaut. He worked on the Dream Chaser Space Plane program as a replacement for the Shuttle for NASA. Mr. Heath also conceptualized and helped bring to fruition the very first space satellite mission for the Operationally Responsive Space office, making history for building and launching a satellite in four short months. He has been a part of global satellite constellation studies for the Missile Defense Agency and DARPA, worked with Air Force Research Lab, Naval Research Lab, Space and Mission Command, and other military organizations to further space technologies. 

Mr. Heath attended the University of Phoenix, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Masters in Business Administration in Technology Management. He is the CEO of Waypoint 2 Space – the only existing U.S.-based company to have FAA Safety Approval for four commercial space training programs including Sub-Orbital, Orbital, and Payload Specialist.

The Crystals

The images of the crystals seen here were created as part of the demonstration program to
show the unique variety in the crystal development; much like our DNA codes, no two are alike.
Your DNA sample helps determine the size, shape, color, density, and clarity of your crystal. A
true interstellar symbol of your essence here on Earth.