Space Crystals LLC is dedicated to expanding its community of space and astrology enthusiasts. Beyond these rare expeditions into space, the company is on a mission to create opportunity and increase accessibility for younger generations to learn, and one day explore outer space. 


The Space Crystals Commitment promises to donate 3% of the profits from each launch group to worldwide STEAM programs. Our mission is to support students from all over the world in following their passion for science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. We have partnered with organizations in an effort to contribute to the growth of these programs and expand opportunities for younger generations to pursue careers in this field.

Space Crystals LLC reserves a portion of the data storage on each launch for students in participating programs to submit letters and messages to be included in the time capsule, for eternal preservation on the moon. Administrators and affiliated personnel can submit content on a student’s behalf to futureastronauts@myspacecrystals.com.